Michigan Lawn Mower Accident

Who Can I Sue?

Every so often a bizarre set of circumstances rear their ugly heads which lead to unusual accidents and dangerous injuries. One example of a product that has the potential to severely injure an unsuspecting consumer is a lawn mower. Common injuries involved with these machines are the loss of fingers, toes, hands and feet. So, the question becomes, what kind of legal theories are available to sue on should a lawn mower injure me? And who could I sue?

Theories of Liability

With the exception of unusual situations where one person attempts to assault another person with a lawnmower, a plaintiff will have to sue on a products liability theory. What is products liability? Products liability holds a party liable for products that injure unsuspecting people. There are several different theories that one could potentially sue on:
• Negligently designing the product;

• Negligently manufacturing the product;

• Failing to warn about a dangerous aspect of the product;

• Breaching a warranty;

• Misrepresentation or fraud of the product.

Who Would I Sue?When it comes to finding a person to sue as a result of injuries caused by a defective lawn mower, the good news is that collecting on a judgment is usually not going to be an issue because a plaintiff is likely to have his choice of which company to sue. Manufacturers that build the product and merchants that sell the product may both be sued. Blame for who is responsible for what actually happened is an issue to be argued over between those parties.

Get a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney

People get hurt all the time, and when that time comes, it is important to hire an experienced attorney to make sure that you are protected and your rights are observed. More times than not, personal injury lawsuits will settle without the need for a trial. Finding an attorney who understands the injuries you have suffered, and having the ability to place an appropriate value on those injuries, is likely one of the most important decisions one will make in a lifetime. We are experienced personal injury attorneys who pay attention to details, treat clients like members of our own families and will fight for your right to get all that you deserve. Contact our office for a free initial telephone consultation at 586-268-2400.