Child Accident Lawyers In Michigan

Do you have a child who was seriously injured in an auto accident?

Is your child recovering from serious injuries received at school, in day care, or on a playground?

Our compassionate child accident attorneys at Goldman and Associates will walk through the process with you and ensure your child’s rights are protected.

When you are helping your child recover from an accident you need an attorney to help protect their rights. When looking for a child accident attorney, you want an attorney that understands that a parent hurts more form the pain of their child than they do when they are hurt themselves. You want an attorney that is experienced, knowledgeable of all areas or law, and who is compassionate.

Our Child accident Attorneys can help you with cases involving:

Always assume a child’s injuries are serious until proven otherwise

When a child is injured in a car accident it is immediately more serious than when an adult is injured. If the child is too young to speak, you can only guess what injuries occurred. The young child must be treated as if there is a serious injury even if it you are unsure if they are truly injured. That child cannot tell you what hurts or if they are just scared. Do not assume you know why they are crying.

Leave the child in the car seat

When in an accident with a young child, you should not take the child out of the car seat. They are safer in the seat than out of it. As parents, our first response if often to hold our children to console them, but after an accident this can cause more harm to your baby. The car seat helps to immobilize the child which helps if any type of spinal cord injury may have occurred. Leave the child in the seat until help arrives. If you absolutely need to get the child out of the car, try to remove the seat with the child still in it.

Personal injury is more than just physical pain

Personal injury may mean more than a physical injury that causes pain. The injury may occur to the body, but it could also be an injury to the mind or emotional well being of a child. Children tend to heal quicker than adults, but that does not mean that their injuries are any less serious. It also does not mean that their emotional state will immediately return to normal. An accident can cause long lasting and devastating fears in children. Michigan has created laws to protect children after they have been seriously injured whether physically, emotionally, or mentally. If your child has been seriously injured in any way, speak to a child accident attorney on their behalf. They cannot speak for themselves, so they need you to protect their rights by hiring the best child accident attorney. Call (877) 737-8800 toll free to speak to an attorney about your child’s injuries.

Injuries can happen at birth

Was your child injured at birth due to the hospital or doctor being negligent? If so, you need to discuss the events that lead up to the injury with a child accident attorney. You need to make sure you protect your child’s future by recovering damages for their injuries.

Goldman and Associates want to protect children who cannot stand up for themselves

Goldman and Associates are caring and compassionate attorneys who know the law and want to protect children who cannot stand up for themselves. If your little one has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence give us a call. We will discuss your child’s injuries for free over the phone and discuss what to do next. Call us at (877) 737-8800 or (586) 268-4200. As parents, it is our responsibility to protect our kids from all of the bad things in life, but we can’t control the world. When bad things happen all we can do is find the best way to protect our kids from more bad things. When a child is injured, the best thing we can do to protect them is to call a knowledgeable attorney for help.