Personal Injury Protection in Michigan

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle in the state of Michigan, your auto insurer will cover all of your reasonable necessary medical expenses, costs to rehabilitate yourself, lost wages and replacement services as long as you pay your deductible. Failure to pay a deductible means that your insurer is not required to pay your benefits. Usually this is not an issue as a deductible, although expensive for many, is nothing compared to the costs and expenses that rack up when one has been injured in an automobile accident.

Coordinating Your PIP Coverage

Some may choose to coordinate their no-fault insurance policy with their health insurance in an effort to keep their no-fault insurance premium rates down. In these situations, however, those who are injured in a motor vehicle accident are required to cover their costs and medical expenses through their health care insurance policy first. Excess costs and expenses not covered by one’s health insurance would then fall upon the shoulders of one’s no-fault insurance provider. In these scenarios, benefits will undoubtedly be paid out at some point, but one of the main reasons that the No-Fault Act exists is to see to it that those injured in auto accidents do not have to wait for benefits. It is important to note that some health care insurance companies include language in their policies which excludes the payment of insurance benefits for injuries caused by an auto accident where a covered individual also is covered by a no-fault policy.

Hire a No-Fault Insurance Lawyer in Michigan

If your insurers are busy arguing over who should be paying benefits, and it’s coming at your expense, you should contact an experienced attorney. These scenarios are rare as insurers understand that they may be sanctioned for failing to pay benefits in a timely manner to injured claimants, but they do occasionally occur. Or, if your insurer is refusing to pay benefits for some other reason, it is likely that you will need an experienced attorney to get their attention. Akiva Goldman & Associates is a firm with your best interests in mind. Contact us today for a free initial consultation at 586-268-2400.