Michigan Slip and Fall Attorneys

Our attorneys know the pain and damage that this sort of thoughtlessness can cause, which is why we want to help you overcome the trials and stress that it brings. The most common types of negligence is the “slip and fall,” which usually describes a situation where, due to someone’s negligence, one slips and falls causing injury. Though these type of incidents can occur almost anywhere, they are generally broken up into two categories, residential and commercial slip and falls.

Residential Slip & Fall

In the residential context, it can happen because someone fails to salt a slippery porch or walkway. It can also happen to a broken step or other dangerous condition in the home. Whatever the reason, our attorneys have the ability to examine your case with the attention and mindfulness that it deserves.

Commercial Slip & Fall

In the commercial context, it can happen because a grocery store allows a spill to remain on the floor causing a customer to slip or when business owners fail to salt entryways or has other dangerous conditions existing on the premise. Specifically, these sort of slip and falls have immense laws governing them that one must be able to expertly navigate around in order to be able to accurately explain them to the plaintiff.

Regardless of how it occurs, the result can be a serious fall with a painful injury–one can incur a great deal of pain and suffering medical expense, wage loss and other financial harm. It is imperative that you put your needs in the hands of an experienced Michigan slip and fall attorney in order to secure a positive advancement in your case.

If this happens you need to speak to the experts of Goldman & Associates who have vast experience in handling these types of matters. Call us and let us explain to you your rights and entitlements. We will tell you how we can help get you through this difficult time in your life.

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General Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases are based on a person slipping (or tripping) and falling. It is a tort case, and is based on the idea that a property owner was negligent in some way in allowing a dangerous condition to exist that led to the person injuring themselves.

Michigan Slip and Fall Law Facts

Most slip and fall cases in Michigan fall under the broader classification of negligence cases. This means that property owners can be held liable if they fail to keep their property in reasonably safe condition, and this failure causes an injury to another, such as a slip and fall. These sorts of claims can also sometimes be brought against municipalities, but the regulations differ, with governments sometimes being immune to lawsuits, and other times only being liable for very short periods of time. Finally, if a judge or jury determines that an injured party was more than 50 percent at fault for their injuries, they are not entitled to any recovery.