Southfield Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you or someone you love suffering as a result of a personal injury in Southfield?

Our caring lawyers are here for you.

Are you in need of a personal injury lawyer in Southfield, MI? Are you living with pain due to the negligence of another person? Are you losing wages every day because your injuries are preventing you from working as you did before receiving the injuries?

Entitled to payment

If you were injured as a result of someone’s negligence and you can no longer live your life as you could before the injury, you are entitled to payment for your injuries, lost wages, and other punitive damages. To get the full amount you deserve, you need a personal injury lawyer defending you and fighting for your rights.

Do you need to pay someone to help you?

Have you been told you will not be able to work for weeks, months, or even years due to your injury? Is it difficult or even impossible to perform your daily household needs? Do you need to pay someone to clean your house or cut your grass because your injuries prevent you from doing this yourself? These are reasons why you need to go to court to collect damages. You are not only entitled to punitive damages and lost wages, you are also entitled to money to pay others who have to do these basic household chores that you can no longer do for yourself. If you are dealing with personal injuries contact a Southfield personal injury lawyer to get you all of the money you are entitled to for those injuries. If you need help living your everyday life, you do not have to pay for this help by yourself.

Your money is important

At Goldman and Associates, we realize your money is important to you. That is why we offer solutions that are cost effective for you and your family. We can get you the money you deserve without taking every penny you have to do it. We respect the position you are in and can provide examples of cases we have won in the past so you have an idea what to expect from your lawsuit.

A lawyer who knows when you do or do not have a case

If your personal injury is a result of a car accident that was the result of someone else, Michigan has strict laws that dictate what you can and cannot collect money for. A personal injury lawyer knows these laws and restrictions well. They know how to best fight for your rights. They know when you do or do not have a case without wasting your time and money. If you do not have a case because the law says so, they will inform you of this up front. There is no point for you or your lawyer to push a case that is unwinnable. Sure the law firm would make a little money, but their reputation would eventually be tarnished by taking cases like this.

You don’t want a personal injury lawyer who takes cases they cannot win just to get some extra money out of the injured party. You want a personal injury lawyer who is going to be up front and honest. One who will offer you a free phone consultation to review your case before any money is exchanged. A lawyer who will be honest enough to tell you if you do not have a case before you dish out money for a contract or retainer. No one wants to hear that they do not have a winnable case, but it is better to hear it for free than to hear it after paying money to talk to someone who is not as honest. Call (877) 737-8800 to find out if you have a personal injury case in Southfield. The call will not cost you a dime, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run.