Michigan Personal Injury Law and Your Entitlement for Compensation

Personal injury, as per the law of Michigan, means the physical injury or damage a person suffers as a result of negligence of some other person. In law, the concept “negligence” refers to such act that fails to show respects for the lives and safety of others, in a situation where there is a duty to respect other people’s rights. An ordinary injury is physically evident; however, injury can be happened to mind or emotions. Michigan state law is invariably with you to assist you to preserve your lawful rights and obtain compensation for the suffered losses and wounds from personal injury.

The objective of “personal injury law” is to defend the innocent, and to assist them for getting compensation for their wounds, monetary losses and physical impairment. The monetary action of an injury is termed actual damages or compensatory damages. For example, a person severely injured by the negligent act of an auto driver may obtain compensatory damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and loss of future earning capacity etc. Furthermore, according to the Michigan’s product liability law, if you suffer injuries as a consequence of using of some consumer product, then the product’s manufacturer will be held responsible if the product is proved to be harmful for use.

Determining liability for an injury

According to the law of Michigan, if an accused independently plays a part in a single injury or acts in association with another person or in any other way takes part in the misdeed can be held liable for the whole damages of a victim. To substantiate the damages and to obtain the claim for injury in the state, the victim will have to prove that the person or persons causing the injury were negligent, and the injured person suffered damages as a consequence of this negligence.

Law of comparative negligence

Furthermore, Michigan’s law of comparative negligence enables a person to obtain compensation for damages, even if the injured person was also negligent. In such a situation, however, the claimant or the injured person will have to prove that the defendant or the person who caused the injury was more negligent. In such situations, the amount of compensation will be decreased by a percentage equivalent to the amount for which the claimant will be found negligent.

Contact a personal injury attorney for details

Contact a Michigan personal injury attorney if you got an injury for the negligent deeds of other people. Michigan’s personal injury law specifies that the person who causes the injury is liable for all current and future medical expenditures and any property which is damaged as a result of the injury. Michigan personal injury lawyers can explain the state personal injury laws to you. If the guilty is proved, the person who is responsible for the injury will have to compensate the person who is injured for the wounds and sufferings, lost time in work, any permanent disfigurement or impairment etc. Personal injury attorneys in Michigan can help you to figure out the compensations you are eligible to obtain for an injury.

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