Michigan Probate Attorney

Dealing with the death of a loved one is an extremely difficult and stressful process for all to go through. Feelings of confusion, sorrow, and despair are often common. However, it is important to remember that after a passing, there are aspects and solutions that can be taken into consideration to provide for a much more smoother transition for your friends and family.

What Does A Probate Lawyer Do?

The decision to hire a probate attorney is one that will ensure your legal wishes are carried out to the fullest. In short, a probate lawyer will oversee that your estate and assets are properly divided how you intended them to be. Often times, the same lawyer who is responsible for drawing up a will can act as the probate attorney during this process.

Should I Hire a Probate Lawyer?

Typically, the answer to this question lies with you. If your assets and estate are important enough to you that you’d like to see your last will and testament be carried out smoothly, hiring a probate attorney to do so will complete the task with ease. Other advantages to having a probate expert administer your will include:

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What Is Probate?

Probate refers to the first step in the process of administering an estate of a deceased person. This process includes the resolution of all claims to the deceased person’s property under a will, as well as a legal determination of the will and the appointment of an executor with the power to dispose of the assets as set forth in that will.

Michigan Probate Law Facts

In Michigan, probate is a legal process undertaken after a person’s death to settle their last will and testament. Probate can determine the validity of a will and ensure its execution, or, if there is no will, appoint an executor to oversee the disbursement of assets. The size and complexity of a deceased individual’s estate will likely be the primary factors in determining the length of time and amount of money spent on the probate process, but recent changes in Michigan have made it so that smaller estates are subject to far less probate regulation than they were previously.

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