Michigan Probate

What Can a Probate Attorney Help With?

There are a number of matters that may be initiated in probate courts across Michigan. The particular jurisdiction will dictate what matters come before its probate court. Most of these matters will require an experienced attorney should any interested party object. In addition to drafting wills, our attorneys are experienced and can help with some of the following matters (in addition to many others):

Initiating estate proceedings

You will need an attorney should an interested party contest a will, or where an objection may be made regarding a personal representative for the estate. Attorneys can help identify the true intent of a decedent, and whether the decedent was of sound mind when a will was created. They can also investigate and develop arguments on whether one is fit to act as personal representative of an estate, and to keep personal representatives in check should they breach their fiduciary duties.

Trust proceedings

An attorney can help you draft a trust, determine the trust’s intent and whether the trust’s purpose continues to be feasible, who the intended beneficiaries are, or whether the trustee has breached fiduciary duties owed to the trust and its beneficiaries.

Conservatorships and guardianships

Attorneys can draft these documents, and are skilled at developing arguments on whether these tools are appropriate, and if so, to what degree. Whenever one person has been given the control to dictate another person’s life, an attorney should be there to see to it that an incapacitated individual’s rights and best interests are accounted for.

Contact a Probate Attorney in Michigan Today

Probate matters can be complex. It is important to talk to an attorney who understands the law as considerable assets may be at stake in these kinds of proceedings. Do not risk losing what is rightfully yours because you want to make these arguments on your own. Probate court rules and procedures differ from “regular” court. Contact an experienced probate attorney today at Akiva Goldman & Associates at 586-268-2400.