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Most everyone has been driving down the road and noticed the flashing red and blue lights of a patrol car in their rear view window. After the initial queasiness in the pit of your stomach subsides, you begin to think of the cost of the citation that you are most likely about to receive. The true cost, however, can be much greater. Whether you notice months later that your insurance premiums have greatly increased, your licensed has been suspended or Michigan has labeled you a “bad driver” forcing you to pay increased license fees to the state, a traffic ticket can create lasting negative effects. An Experienced traffic violations and speeding ticket attorney can help you with a clean driving record.

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Practice Areas

The Michigan traffic ticket attorneys of Goldman & Associates are well versed in handling nearly all different traffic violation citations, including but not limited to:

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Reckless Driving

In Michigan, what constitutes a reckless driving violation may shock some. To put it simple, reckless driving can be any violation that involves a disregard for driving laws. With punishments ranging from fines to jail time, it is an extremely serious offense that requires the assistance of a traffic ticket attorney. Our MI lawyers are experienced in handling reckless driving cases involving

Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are a specific type of traffic ticket that involves the operation of a motor vehicle at a speed above the legal limit. The degree of excess speed usually determines the severity of the violation. When a speeding ticket is handed out by a police officer, it’s important to remember that you have an option to fight the ticket with the help of a MI attorney. Often times, our clients aren’t required to appear in court, allowing our attorneys to easily dissolve or reduce the penalty while our clients are elsewhere—meaning you will not have to worry about losing work wages due to a court appearance.

Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets are notices issued by law enforcement that accuse a motorist of violation of traffic laws. They include both moving violations, which occur while a vehicle is actually in motion, and parking violations.


In Michigan, eluding a police officer is considered a serious offense and is punishable by years of imprisonment. By definition, eluding a police office means that you did not pull over in a timely fashion. However, it is important to remember that what constitutes as a timely fashion is different for all instances. Only the knowledge of an experienced traffic ticket attorney can shed insight and present your case in a positive light that can ultimately result in a lesser penalty.

At Goldman & Associates, our attorneys have handled thousands of traffic matters in nearly every court in Southeast Michigan. Our experienced attorneys will fight to ensure that your traffic ticket doesn’t cause you or your loved one any undue or unexpected financial burden in the future. Before pleading responsible to a traffic violation, contact one of our attorneys today for a free and confidential consultation to learn what Goldman & Associates can do for you to keep your record clean and your insurance rates low.

Michigan Speeding Ticket Law Facts

Under Michigan law, some traffic violations are civil infractions while others are misdemeanors or felonies. They carry with them different penalties, including finds and costs and points. Under Michigan’s point system, each traffic violation carries with it a point value, which is placed on an offender’s driving record after conviction or a guilty plea, and remains there for two years from the date of conviction.

Michigan Speeding Ticket Law Facts

As in most states, in Michigan, the severity of speeding tickets is determined by the amount over the speed limit that a driver was going. Additionally, excessive speeding that demonstrates a reckless disregard for human life can also sometimes be the basis of a reckless driving conviction. As with most traffic offenses, different types of speeding tickets carry with them different fines and point values. Multiple speeding tickets can sometimes lead to the suspension of a driver’s license.

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