Michigan Speeding Points and Your License

Traffic violations have the potential to create real inconvenience, and sometimes even legitimate hardship, when they are not taken care of in a timely manner. Points are assessed to one’s driving record, and penalties are imposed for having too many. If you have recently been pulled over for a traffic violation, you may consider consulting an attorney to find out whether you committed a violation, and if you did, whether there is anything that can be done to keep you in your driver’s seat.

Michigan’s Point System

Just about every violation against the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code carries points. Some non-moving violations do not assess points, and these are the violations that lawyers try to make deals for, on behalf of their clients, when negotiating with a prosecutor. Once seven points have accumulated on one’s driving record, the driver will be required to pay driver responsibility fees to the Michigan Secretary of State. Driver responsibility fees are additional fees imposed annually to drivers who have committed certain violations, or who have accumulated seven or more points up to that point in time. Failure to pay said fees will result in the suspension of a driver’s license. Once twelve or more points accumulate on one’s driving record within a two year period, the driver will be called in for a reexamination.

Other Considerations

There are other issues that should be considered in addition to paying fines and costs for a traffic violation, and the points that may accrue which could lead to license suspensions and revocations. One huge factor that insurance companies consider when calculating a driver’s premiums is that person’s driving record. It stands to follow, then, that the fewer points one has on his driving record, the lower the risk is for the insurance company to insure. It is also important to note that ignoring traffic citations can result in a warrant being issued for the offender’s arrest. Simply put, ignoring a citation is not going to make the problem go away; it will only make things worse and more expensive later on.

Hire a Michigan Attorney

Whether you have recently been pulled over for your first ticket, or whether you find yourself appealing a license revocation, Akiva Goldman & Associates is a law firm that understands Michigan’s points system, negotiating for a citation that carries fewer points, and handling license appeals. Contact us today at 586-268-2400.