Truck Accident Attorney in Michigan

If you have fallen victim to a trucking accident, we know how excruciating the mental and physical pain can be, especially since the accident was not your fault but the result of someone else’s negligence. Negligence refers to the unintentional wrongful conduct of another, and it comes in many different forms. Someone can cause someone harm by running a red light or by allowing a dangerous condition to exist on his property which may put others in harm’s way.

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It comes in the form of roadway accidents while driving. These accidents present the possibility of the most serious consequences as they statistically cause the most serious injuries.

Roadway Accidents

In the context of roadway accidents, collisions involving trucks are the most dangerous. Trucks are often driven at very high speeds and someone struck by a negligently driven truck has a great risk of serious accident or death. The Michigan attorneys of Goldman & Associates have an extensive back round in dealing with roadway accidents of all calibers.

At Goldman and Associates, we have been representing the victims of such accidents for many years and have always succeeded in getting appropriate compensation for these individuals. Let us explain the details to you and show you how we can assist you and your family should you be involved in such an unfortunate incident.

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