Michigan Military Divorce Lawyer

Families in the armed forces are already put through enough challenges as it is. Adding the decision to end a marriage to the mix of traveling, deployment, and being away from their families is not an easy idea to accept. For these reasons, going through a divorce as an active soldier or spouse of a soldier can seem like an extremely demanding task.

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Filing for a military divorce can lead to unique circumstances and elements that civilian divorces don’t include. If you or your spouse is a member of the armed forces, it is important that you speak to an accomplished military lawyer before making the decision to file, as there are particular laws that could potentially affect your family and yourself. The following bulleted items are just a few examples to be aware of that our law firm can help you better understand:

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When children are involved in a military divorce, there’s often to greater concern than what the enlisted parent can do about arranging an adequate visitation or custody schedule. Questions about who the child will stay with while on active duty, and how often they will be allowed to see the parent is always in the front of your mind. At Goldman & Associates law firm, we want you to understand that the rights of yourself and your children couldn’t be in better hands. Our attorneys know just how important your children are to you, and we strive to arrange the best possible solutions for our military personnel clients. In the past, our experts have dealt with child visitation and custody schedules surrounding the following:

As with all things, timing is key, and it is important to speak with a seasoned attorney regarding the legal help you need as soon as possible about your choices and options. The very beginning steps can be the most critical and have the ability to set the pace for your future case.

With extensive knowledge and back round specializing in military divorce, Goldman & Associates has Detroit’s leading family law attorneys that will guide you through the difficult process from start to finish, and will always strive to protect your rights as you protect ours. Some of the military divorce practice areas we can assist with include:

What Is A Military Divorce

Military divorce is a specific type of divorce that occurs when one or both partners are members of the military. They typically require additional requirements to be fulfilled to protect service members who would be unable to attend proceedings, and for this reason tend to happen less frequently than other divorces.

Michigan Military Divorce Law Facts

In contrast to a traditional divorce, a military divorce in Michigan creates unique issues that involve both state and federal law. Special laws have been set up to protect active military members from failing to respond to a divorce action while they are away serving. Relevant law enables divorce proceedings to be postponed for the entire time an active service member is on duty and for up to 60 days thereafter. While the grounds for a military divorce are the same as those for a civilian divorce, there may be differences in the division of property and assessment of child support.

Military Divorce and Live Out of State

Military divorces involve a complicated interaction between state and federal laws. Generally speaking, a military spouse must file for divorce in the county and state where they live. A service member, however, can file for divorce in either their home state or the state where they currently reside. There are exceptions to these rules.