Military Child Custody Attorneys in Michigan

When children are a part of military divorce, child custody is always an area of great concern for both parents. The commitment parent’s make to their children doesn’t end with divorce, which is why we strive to protect that relationship and pave the way for the best possible future for all parties involved. Though it can be a taxing process, the attorneys at Goldman & Associates will stand by you and fight for your rights at all cost.

In determining the custody arrangement for a child, the judge may assess many factors to conclude what the best interests are of the child involved. Such factors include but are not limited to:

If you or your spouse is a member of the armed forces, you might also find yourself wondering about the particular items that are specific to military divorces as opposed to civilian divorces, for example:

At Goldman & Associates, we know how important your family is to you, and we’re here to protect and uphold those values. When dealing with a custody battle, our legal team aims to make sure that our clients clearly understand the entire process from start to finish. We have an extensive knowledge in Michigan military custody, and are here to bring your ideal arrangement to life.

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