Michigan Military Child Support Attorney

Going through a military divorce is no easy task, and neither are the steps that come after. Deciding to file for child support can be an immense decision and bring on unwanted stress for both parties involved. The Michigan Lawyer’s at Goldman & Associates pride themselves on being able to ensure that their clients enter into an effective and fair child support agreement while expertly communicating the terms and solutions.

If you are a member or are married to a member of the United States Armed Forces and would like to request child support, there are many guidelines that differ from Michigan civilian proceedings that you may not be aware of.

Did you know…

* The amount awarded to you or your spouse may be limited to a specific percentage of your military income

* The number of children involved will affect the amount awarded

* Health care costs, childcare costs, and custodial arrangements are all taken into consideration when determining an award amount

The judge will not only consider these factors, but also other variables within them to assess a support payment. It is very important that all information is presented in an accurate and precise manner to avoid any negative effects on the total amount awarded, which the attorneys at Goldman & Associates are more than qualified to do.

As time goes by, things change—families, employment, and custody arrangements can all be different in the future than what they are now. Remember, if you are unhappy with your current support allotment, it is possible to have the award modified. Whether you believe you are paying too much or aren’t receiving an appropriate amount, your Detroit child support attorneys can help. The law offices of Goldman & Associates will work diligently to bring you more suitable child support terms that will allow you to move forward with your life.

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