Michigan Military Child Visitation Lawyer

Whether you are a soldier on duty or on leave, we know that seeing and speaking to your children is a top priority, which is why at Goldman & Associates, we put family first. We’ll work hard for you to make sure that you’re allowed adequate parenting time, be it during deployment in the form of phone calls and video conferencing, or an off duty soldier requesting to see your children.

As with other aspects of divorce in the armed forces, there are certain custody laws in place that can affect your rights for visitation. At Goldman & Associates, we understand the difficulty that comes with this territory, which is why our experienced team of child visitation attorneys will work hard to produce the arrangement that you desire.

When dealing with the visitation process, you might find yourself wondering about some the following questions:

The Michigan Lawyers of Goldman & Associates can answer all of your questions and will address any concerns to make sure that you understand the proceedings and outcome of your settlement.

While there are many factors that go into determining a minor’s visitation schedule, it’s important to act as soon as possible to avoid any negative effects on your case and to ensure that the proper actions are brought to the courts attention. Choosing an experienced Detroit child visitation attorney assures that your case will be treated with respect, timely service, and the courtesy that it deserves.

If you are currently dealing with a schedule that isn’t working for you, or have questions regarding military child visitation, please, call the Lawyers of Goldman & Associates today at (248) 588-3333 or (877) 737-8800.