Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Sterling Heights Michigan

With high speed roads such as Van Dyke, Mound, and Metro Parkway running through the city of Sterling Heights it is often scary to walk across the street. People are always in a rush and often jump the light before it turns green. This means someone could easily still be in the crosswalk when a hurried driver takes off, thus hitting the pedestrian before he or she can get onto the curb.

Obtaining adequate compensation

If you are suffering because a driver did not see you crossing the street or was in too much of a rush to wait for the light to turn green you deserve to be compensated for your pain and anguish. To be adequately compensated you need a highly educated and experienced pedestrian accident attorney. You can try to pursue a legal action without having legal representation, but you almost become a target for the insurance company’s attorney. An experienced attorney could easily use his or her knowledge of the law to discredit your case even though you are clearly the victim. Do not allow yourself to become the victim a second time by not hiring an attorney to look out for your best interests.

What can an attorney do for me in a pedestrian accident case?

There are things a Sterling Heights pedestrian attorney can do that can ensure you receive the compensation deserved. An attorney can:

o   Make sure paper work is filed properly and on time

o   Make sure every crucial detail is documented

o   Make sure your rights are protected

o   Work within the ever changing laws to find loop holes and inconsistencies to improve your case

Broken bones and internal injuries = an extended rehab period

If you are healing after being struck by a vehicle, whether on a high speed road or a local side street, there is a high potential for broken bones and internal injuries. Neither of these things heal quickly and both can have an extended rehab period. This rehab period involves pain and time that you cannot go back to work. This time where you are not earning a steady wage is also time where you may not be able to make your house payment or other bills. It is important to get the ball rolling quickly in a pedestrian case. Not only is there a legal time limit for filing your legal suit, there is also a need to get bills paid ASAP. Just as it is important to file a report with the insurance company about the accident, it is also important to go over your accident and injuries with a pedestrian accident attorney.

Reach out to a Goldman and Associates Sterling Heights pedestrian attorney

Reach out to our Sterling Heights pedestrian accident attorney to go over in important details surrounding your reasons for legal action against the driver who hit you and the insurance company. Call 586-268-4200 or 877-737-8800 to go over the details free of charge. Goldman and Associates is a top pedestrian accident law firm who are waiting to hear from you. Let us help you recover the most for your Sterling Heights pedestrian accident.