Wanted Felon from Sterling Heights Wrecks Part of a Ferndale Cemetery to get Away from Police

Expert Michigan attorney is reporting that a Sterling Heights man tried to get away from police on Sunday. This incident occurred in Ferndale, Michigan. Michael Wasikowski is a Sterling Heights resident and a wanted felon who decided to drive through and wreck part of the Machpelah Jewish Cemetery while attempting to escape from police.

Police attempted to pull him over on Sunday. When they ran his license plate they found out that he was a wanted felon. He was wanted on fleeing and eluding charges in Roseville from a previous incident. At first it looked like Mr. Wasikowski was going to cooperate with police. He pulled into the entrance of a cemetery and he put his hands out the window as the officers approached the vehicle. Suddenly he decided to resist arrest and take off and begin speeding through the cemetery. He drove over headstones and plots throughout the cemetery. Eventually he ditched the car and started to run. The cemetery is fenced on all sides so it did not take the police officers long to catch him.

Over 100 people were in the cemetery that day, but thankfully no one was injured. Cemetery workers will be continuing to clean up the mess for quite awhile. There was over $500 in damages done to the flower beds and grounds of the cemetery and many headstones were damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

Mr. Wasikowski is being charged with second-degree fleeing and eluding, resisting and obstruction police, along with malicious destruction of property.

Each of these charges carries possibility of jail time or prison time and lots of fines. Second degree fleeing and eluding as well as resisting and obstruction are felonies in the state of Michigan. Malicious destruction of property can be classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on other facts in the case. The fine for the destruction will be at minimum, the cost of repairs to the damages he created.

Mr. Wasikowski has a pre-exam conference on Thursday October 17, 2013 and his bond is currently set at $150,000. He will need to hire a great criminal defense attorney!

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