Woman Driving After Being Shot Causes North Bound I75 to Close

A Michigan  criminal attorney is reporting the shooting of a woman on I75 at Livernoise Avenue in Detroit. This occurred shortly before 5:00pm on 10/8/2013. The northbound lanes of I75 at Livernois are currently closed due to the accident.

A woman driving in a silver minivan was swerving on the road and hitting the median wall. She eventually came to a stop facing the wrong way on I75 against the wall. When police arrived they realized that she has been shot.

Michigan State police are currently on the scene. There is no mention if she was shot while driving or if she was shot somewhere else and was trying to drive herself to help.

The only description given of the woman is that she appears to be in her twenties. At this time authorities are reporting only non life threatening injuries to the woman.

Shootings in Detroit are all too common these days. Even if this woman lives, the shooter will be facing some serious charges. If she dies, the shooter will be looking at some count of a murder charge. If the woman lives the shooter could still face attempted murder charges.

More facts will need to be reported before we can determine why this woman was shot or if anyone else was injured during this shooting.

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